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Utility Rooms - Recent trend

Making everyday life easier

Utility Rooms - Recent trend

The kitchen has evolved from being a room used solely for cooking into space where family and friends socialise, resulting in a need for noisy appliances to be installed in a room all of their own. A utility room, with its extensive storage and everything to hand, makes chores easier and your life simpler. No wonder they’re fast becoming an essential room in addition to any modern family home.

Tall units are ideal for utility rooms as they maximize storage space and make the room the practical, functional area that it needs to be. Schüller’s laundry sorting units have cubby holes in the doors which allow you to separate the laundry straight into the baskets sat on the shelves behind and, along with the pull out shelf below the washing machine, it makes doing the laundry much easier and less of a chore.

Schüller’s open, tall utility units are manufactured to accommodate the extra size, depth, and weight of free-standing washing machines and tumble dryers. The shelves can hold up to 200kg of weight, which is heavier than a fully grown Lion!

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