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Made in Germany

Schuller Kitchens are Germany's third-largest manufacturer of quality Kitchens. Need some inspiration to visualise your new dream German Kitchen? Then you've come to the right place because the Collection offers you unimagined possibilities with regard to colours and finishes.

Schuller German Kitchens are designed in UK and import from Germany. Ideas Kitchen and Bedrooms gets updated with all the recent updates and the ranges which is available in the market. Schüller endeavours to stay one step ahead within the world of kitchen plans and maintain the high quality on a competitive price.


Glassline Glanz

Available in 1 Colour,Price Group-6

Fino Gloss & Nova

Available in 6/7 Colours,Price Group-3/0


Available in 12 Colours/Price Group-6


Available in 23 Colours,Price Group-5


Available in 2 Colours,Price Group-2

Fino Gloss & Biella

Available in 6/23 Colours,Price Group-3/4


Available in 4 Colours,Price Group-3

Nova & Bari

Available in 7/3 Colours,Price Group-0/1

Strato Matt

Available in 3 Colours,Price Group-3


Available in 8 Colours,Price Group-6


Available in 2 Colours,Price Group-1


Available in 23 Colours,Price Group-5


Available in 8 Colours,Price Group-1


Available in 23 Colours,Price Group-5


Available in 2 Colours,Price Group-3


Available in 2 Colours,Price Group-7

Alea Matt & Biella

Available in 12/23 Colours,Price Group-4/5

Nova & Biella Range

Available in 7/23 Colours,Price Range-0/4


Available in 7 Colours,Price Group-6


Available in 12 Colours,Price Group-4


Available in 7 Colours,Price Group-1


Available in 4 Colours,Price Group-1


Available in 23 Colours,Price Group-5

Cremona & Targa

Available in 3/4 Colours,Price Group-3/4


Quality craftsmanship

With us, more quality not only means product quality but also more ideas in and on the product.

Drawer and pull-out system

Kitchens brimming with innovation – an all-new drawer/pull-out system developed entirely from scratch. It is particularly thanks to the cooperation partnership between our Schüller product developers and our hardware manufacturer Blum, paired with decades of shared experience, that a system has been created which perfectly unites the values of appearance, quality, functionality and ease of assembly.

Quality in the tall unit

Ventilation grilles in the plinth often create a tiny visual flaw. Thanks to an ingenious system, they can now mostly be avoided.


High standards can only be ensured if the demands and standards are also checked at regular intervals. For this purpose, we have created a number of standardised test series that guarantee constant high quality. We have received certification for our particular product quality from independent bodies. What for? So that your kitchen gives you lasting pleasure for even longer.



Reconciling an entire company with the demands of nature, design, production and logistics – that is how we understand responsibility. Our company‘s certification and award of the PEFC logo is symbolic of our commitment to the environment and the economic use of wood as an indispensable raw material. The integrative concept of the PEFC initiative not only strives to preserve the natural forests and their ecological balance, but also guarantees a controlled working chain that is monitored independently, totally reproducible and guaranteed to be sustainable.

Generating heat in using waste wood

“Where wood is chopped splinters must fall“, a saying goes. This is exactly what happens in producing kitchens – where waste wood is left in abundance. What more obvious than to turn it into energy rather than leave it as waste. This way, by burning our waste wood in a thermally cleaned manner, we generate the heating energy for the entire company. This is a step towards the future, both ecologically and economically.


Environmentally friendly on our way

From Germany to France, Spain, the UK, Benelux and other countries ... Anyone, like us, covering thousands upon thousands of miles across Europe bears a responsibility. To meet this responsibility, Schüller has for years been investing in an increasingly eco-friendly and fuel-saving fleet of trucks, currently numbering 55. This makes the Euro 6 standard our contribution to making the air cleaner. Today and in the future.


Neatly packaged

We have concluded a disposal contract with a recycling management company which ensures that registered packages will substantially be processed fulfilling all requirements of the packaging ordinance. This guarantees that all packaging materials are environmentally friendly produced and disposed of.



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