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From the Director`s Diary

I started my career in 2005 with the manufacturing industry as a CNC Programmer. I was always amazed to see how technology has changed the things around us. Crafting difficult but beautiful designs on wood was so fascinating for me. My passion started building there while trying other High-Tech machines which provided valuable experience in the manufacturing process. Because of the in-depth knowledge of all the prospects of trade, I got an opportunity with Designing and that’s where my journey started and Ideas Kitchen Bedrooms Ltd was created. Strong Beliefs & Passion are what inspired me to continue this journey. Our company is growing with a lot of new projects and people connecting to us & creating ideas for reality.


Our Process

We start by visiting the site and do the measurements, we create the design, then find the best product that best suits you and your budget, and as we have low operating costs, we can also pass on these savings to our clients without compromising on the quality and the services.


Our Vision

Why we are different from other kitchen suppliers. We are focused on our clients’ needs and wants. We offer choices without boundaries so that we can work with the client more effectively and save them money.

We intend to provide our customers exceptionally made products combined with excellent after-sale service at competitive prices using our expertise which you really appreciate. Together we could create things that would make your home what you dreamed about.


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