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Ceramic Worktop

Whether ceramic or quartz – both materials are not only robust, pressure resistant and safe for use with foods but due to their poreless surface particularly hygienic and easy to clean

Fenix Worktops

Fenix surfaces are exceptionally hard-wearing. The special manufacturing process leaves the surface with a dense crosslinked polymer network. This gives the surface a memory all of its own.

Solid Wood

Solid wood worktops are crafted to give them a high level of stability and strength. The individual strips of solid wood are finger-jointed to ensure that the worktop does not warp.

Glass Worktop

Glass surfaces are renowned for being hard and tough. Surface treatment involving etching and sand-blasting leaves the glass worktop with its beautiful satin finish.


Quartz is one of the hardest materials, second only to diamonds, and harder than steel. As a result, these panels are largely resistant to scratching and cutting.

Laminate Worktop

Laminate is a proven material for easy-care, decorative worktops. Made up of several carefully matched layers, this material can be used for a whole variety of purposes.Its Cost effective & Quick Solution as well.

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