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How to create space for home working?

Separate your work from home.

How to create space for home working?

Due to pandemic, more and more companies are planning to give their employees at least few days a week to work from home. It’s easier for employees as they can save traveling time and can spend more time with their families.


Beds or dinning tables or couches don’t create an environment of office at home. It’s important that you create a distinction between work and home life. So why not consider a home office even if you have limited place and budget. This is especially potential if you invite your work colleague or clients to have a meeting at home in the future.


You need to first identify which will be best suitable place for home office. It could be rarely used guestroom or a spare room or a garage in a back garden which is of no use. If you don’t have either of those then you can even get your wardrobe done with desk and storage like study desks.


We are here to help you and design the best possible way of designing your home office. Creating a home office will help to retain your privacy, whilst ensuring you aren’t distracted. 

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